Goffstown Public Library Board of Trustees Mission Statement
The Library Board of Trustees is the governing board of the Goffstown Public Library and primary advocates for its mission and values. The Library Board of Trustees represents the community to the Library and the Library to the community.

Board of Library Trustees (elected)

2020-2023 Samantha Homan, Vice Chairperson
2020-2023 Aimee Huntemann, Chairperson
2020-2023 Kathy Coughlin
2020-2021 Aimee Gaudette
2020-2021 Richard Manzo
2019-2022 Diane Hebert
2019-2022 Kathy Holt

2019-2020 open, Appointed Alternate
2019-2020 open, Appointed Alternate

To contact the trustees, please email them at

The Library Board of Trustees will hold their monthly business meeting on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm in the third floor meeting room at the Goffstown Public Library.

All meetings of the Library Board of Trustees and its committees are open to the public.  See our online calendar for dates and times of additional committee meetings.

> Trustee’s Meeting Minutes
> Goffstown Public Library Goals, September 2012
> Current library policies approved by a vote of the Library Board of Trustees
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